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We empower companies through Design Thinking, an approach that helps them develop new product or service ideas, starting from user needs and designing all the aspects that shape the customer experience.

Design Thinking is a visual and collaborative approach that enables the co-design of services. To involve all the stakeholders in the process of design a service, we plan and run engaging company workshops. Through the use of tangible tools, we facilitate the flow of information, ideas and visions.

Design Thinking develops over 4 main steps:

1. Exploration

We investigate the competitive landscape and industry trends. We explore user’s hidden needs through innovative research methods, to generate innovation opportunities for the company.

2. Design

We ideate different possible scenarios, involving you in the design and selection of the most meaningful solutions for your company. We then shape service experiences or product-service ecosystems.

3. Validation

We validate the proposed solutions with end user, through rapid prototyping methodologies. Together with you, we evaluate the results in order to continuously improve.

4. Development

Together with you, we build a development plan to turn identified solutions into reality. We will develop this plan according to your company’s unique capabilities.

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